Three Cups of Tea

The morning after I finished reading Greg Mortenson’s Three Cups of Tea, I immediately sent out an email to friends, enthusiastically recommending the true story of Greg’s work educating girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan. “The idea is simple: Use education as a tool to fight terrorism. The feat is heroic: One man overcoming cultural expectations and barriers to achieve this goal.”

This is from my review, which appeared in our local newspaper in early 2007. Currently #1 on the NYT paperback nonfiction list (72 weeks on the list so far!), Greg’s book continues its momentum. And deservedly so. Regardless of your political or religious view, this hopeful story will be an antidote to the thrum of negative news and all too present contentious “journalism.”

Having spent some time with Greg when he visited Breckenridge last June, and then again this winter when he filled the 1,000+ capacity Macky Auditorium in Boulder, I continue to be impressed with his dedication to his work in such a volatile part of the world and maybe moreso, his complete humility.


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