The Night of the Gun Now in Paperback

David Carr’s The Night of the Gun is now out in paperback. For all you fans of memoirs, this is one not to miss.

“Memories may be based on what happened to begin with, but they are reconstituted each time they are recalled — with the most-remembered events frequently the least accurate,” writes David Carr in his book, “The Night of the Gun.”

By challenging the foundation of a memoir, memory itself, The New York Times media columnist and culture reporter Carr has reinvented the genre. In “The Night of the Gun,” Carr applies investigative reporting skills to his own life, revisiting the people, places and events that comprised his time as a crack cocaine addict.

While memory tells him that the 1988 birth of his twin daughters, Erin and Meaghan, set him on a straight course to recovery and redemption, his deep dive into the past, including police records, medical reports and interviews (all of which he recorded and videotaped for accuracy) construct a different narrative.

david carr Read the rest of my review, “The Night of the Gun Reinvents the Memoir,” here.


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