The Indifferent Stars Above

I really enjoyed Daniel James Brown’s The Indifferent Stars Above: The Harrowing Saga of the Donner Party and am recommending it to both men and women. There aren’t that many books that appeal to both, so excited to find one for both of the lovely sexes! indifferent stars

The life of a young bride in the nineteenth century was far from today’s extravagant weddings and cushy, exotic honeymoons. In the 1840s, “honeymoon” referred to “a period of presumed marital bliss following the nuptials.” Privileged brides often embarked on a “wedding journey” or “bridal tour” with friends and family, but it was unlikely that Sarah Graves, the young bride from Steuben Township, Illinois, would have been able to afford a celebratory tour. Instead, after her marriage to Jay Fosdick, she found herself among family and friends who had sold their farms and businesses in order to cross the Missouri River and make an epic cross-country journey to California.

For the rest of my review, check out my Women’s Adventure Magazine blog.


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