Facebook friends offer book suggestions

When I asked for a favorite recent read, dozens of people chimed in… gotta love the Facebook universe for conversations like this! So that we don’t lose everyone’s recommendations, figured it would be worth collecting here.

Getting multiple votes were The Help, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, Sarah’s Key and Born to Run.

And the mamas spoke too: The Three Martini Play Date an Sippy Cups are Not for Chardonnay.

Of the suggestions, many are on my own personal favorites list: Little Bee (here’s a review I wrote on it awhile back for Women’s Adventure Magazine), Let the Great World Spin, Glass Castle, The Alchemist.

The full list:

  • The Ice Margin
  • Art of Racing in the Rain
  • What is the What
  • Animal, Vegetable, Miracle
  • Sacred Games
  • City of Thieves
  • Cutting for Stone
  • The Space Between Us
  • Mutant Message Down Under
  • Clash of the Eagles
  • Passion on the Vine
  • Speaking of Faith (essays)
  • The Blue Sweater
  • The Acumen Fund
  • To the Wedding
  • Blindness
  • The Hour of the Star
  • Ill Fares the Land
  • To the End of the Land
  • The Life of Pi

It’s almost time to do my annual “Top 10” list… Let the Great World Spin will definitely be on it. Half Broke Horses, A Widow for One Year and American Wife will also likely find a spot.


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