Where in the World Is Rita?

Thanks to Rita Gelman for making time over her Thanksgiving holiday to do a book signing at The Next Page.

Everyone always loves meeting our favorite nomad and hearing her stories from Tales of a Female Nomad: Living Large in the World. She also has a new anthology out, Female Nomad & Friends: Tales of Breaking Free & Breaking Bread around the World. If you’re ever in the mood for some armchair travel and a little inspiration about connecting with people and cultures, then check these out.

Here’s a blog I wrote for Women’s Adventure Magazine about the inspiration that Tales offered me: Where in the World is Rita?

In 1987, author Rita Gelman was stifled by the day-to-day L.A. grind. So, she did what some women can only fantasize about: became a nomad and started circling the globe. Mexico, Thailand, Israel, India, Bali… The list goes on and continues growing as 73-year old Rita still doesn’t have a permanent address. Read more…

Rita with my daughter Maggie


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