Q&A on Skedaddle

I’ve been so pleased with the response to my “No Pink” blog post that ran on the Women’s Adventure Magazine site.  Many women really seemed to respond to this paragraph:

“Mirroring my former life is not a realistic expectation. Nor, quite frankly, is it something that’s even a priority anymore. It’s not about not being able to. I simply don’t want to. There are other things I’d rather do, most of which involve my daughter.”

Lia Keller was one of those women who wrote me after my article appeared. She runs the Skedaddle blog (Activities, Giveaways and Reviews To Help Your Child Get Outside Rain, Sun or Snow) out of Alaska, and asked me to answer a few questions about getting outside with a kiddo.  Below’s a link to the Q&A she posted on the site:

Wild Child Tara Kusumoto

What fun to connect with all the other moms out there, trying to figure out how to navigate this mommyhood adventure!