Beauty Break

Grand Canyon (Joe Kusumoto Photography)

Grand Canyon (Joe Kusumoto Photography)

This past winter, my husband was lucky enough to do a river trip down the Grand Canyon. While so much goodness came out of his trip, one of my favorite things that he’s since shared with us is the “Beauty Break.” While setting up camp or cooking dinner or sitting around drinking beers, someone would call out “beauty break!” at which point everyone would pause and take a moment to appreciate the sunset, or the view from a hike, or the light fading on the canyon walls.

Beauty breaks have become a part of our lives, our family vocabulary, our special moments. Our three year old echoes the call and if we’re at home, heads to the closest window, or if we’re in the car, asks “where?” (it’s a restricted view from the back in a car seat!)

Driving home tonight, I found myself in the midst of a beauty break. The dark storm clouds took a break from battling it out with the Colorado summer blue skies, and the light over Lake Dillon was just perfection. In some ways, it was a typical “wow I cant’ believe I live here” beauty break.

But it was also so much more; it was a feeling of deep appreciation — for the moment, for my family, for independence, for work that I love, for people that inspire me. It was also a nudge to write again… to blog, to share, to be a writer, even if in a small way.

Grand Canyon at Night (Joe Kusumoto Photography)

Grand Canyon at Night (Joe Kusumoto Photography)

So here I am. I’m back. And I’ ready to talk books (of course!), PR, writing, parenting… whatever lights the fire in my belly.

Before I sign off, I need to give credit where credit is due. In the roundabout way that the universe often operates, several people  unknowingly conspired today to get me writing again.

Thank you to Marypat (FreeSpirit Yoga) for reminding me that freedom comes with being rooted.

Thank you to Peg (Positively Peg) for inviting me to be a part of a really cool project she’s working on. (More to come on that…)

Thank you to my husband who told me (again!) that I should write a book; and my daughter, in response to my adamant “no – not yet,” insisted: “You SHOULD, mommy!” Well, there you have it. No book, but a baby step to blog again.

Happy Fourth of July week to all!

I hope you can freedom, inspiration and many a Beauty Break!


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