Welcome — I hope we will connect through words and books! Baby on Board!

I moved to Summit County, Colo. in 2004 where I now work and play and love life in these beautiful mountains at 10,000 ft. I love to do yoga, walk, hike, read, and just breathe in this amazing air. Since I started this blog, I’m now a mom — hence my multi-year hiatus from blogging — and loving the equal parts joy and challenge that motherhood brings.

A dear friend once asked me what I’d do if money weren’t an issue or if I could choose any career or life work. Exactly what I’m doing right now. I absolutely love the mix of my work — freelance PR (tech and book PR), and writing for high-tech start-up companies — and how it fits in with everything else that’s important to me.

I read nonstop and always have at least one book going… not to mention the piles of children’s books that now grace every room in our the house. My passion is books and I love sharing words, adventures and stories from books, and beyond… so here’s to mingling with words, and mingling with you!


5 responses to “About

  1. Renee Fifield

    Will you post children’s books that you recommend????

    This is awesome!

    Renee Fifield

  2. tarakusumoto

    Absolutely! Children’s books will be added – I’ll try to get monthly recommendations up for all the little ones ( :

  3. Reiko Kemp

    I love this Tara!! You are awesome 🙂

  4. Rebecca Casabone

    Tara – thanks for all of the great book suggestions. We are skiing this winter, promise? Maybe having some glug too? xoxoxo

  5. Nancy Karklins

    I can’t believe it took me this long
    to read your fabulous blog…love your
    book reviews, I couldn’t say it any better myself

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