It wasn’t until I returned home from China and Japan that I realized how much the trip to Asia had altered my appreciation for tea. Tea – actually, I should say good tea – is an integral part of life in Asia.

Tea cups at Mount Koyasan, Shinjoshin-in Buddhist Monastery

Tea cups at Mount Koyasan, Shinjoshin-in Buddhist Monastery

Here at my folks’ house, the Bigelow tea bags that I found in the cupboard just didn’t cut it. (Turns out it was Earl Grey Green Tea – not the best mix!) But last night, I discovered a fabulous new tea shop in Madison (Ct.), called Savvy Tea. The owner, Phil, and his wife have a passion for tea and he’s been drinking green tea and traveling to Asia for decades. 

Along with my daily visits to my favorite book store (ever!) – R.J. Julia – Savvy Tea will definitely be on my meandering list.

And since I was so excited about good tea, I was up before the sun on this quiet, chilly fall morning, sniffing the tea leaves and trying out my new infuser.

Now I sit, enjoying the slow start to the day, trying to write, and savoring my cup of chartreuse Genmaimatcha.