My Favorite Kids’ Books

Maybe it’s because my brother and his wife are having a baby in just a few weeks… or the quality time I got with Quinn and Tanner this past weekend… but I figured it was time to share my favorite kids’ books. Disclaimer: I do not have kids yet. Confession: I spend a lot of time in the kids section when I work at the bookstore.

My all-time favorite board book is I’ll See You in the Morning, a sweet, soothing good-night read adapted from a lullaby, that’s been compared to Goodnight Moon.

Imagine a Day and Imagine a Night, written by Sarah Thomson, with paintings by Rob Gonsalves, is my favorite gift for new parents, because it is as much for adults as kids. It is a book not for infants, but one to put aside for toddlers. The words are soothing, tickling the imagination:

imagine a night…
…when you can’t sleep,
and so you jump
high enough to soar
over a  quilt of fields and forests.
imagine a night…
…when the space between words
becomes like the space
between trees:
wide enough
to wander in.
The paintings are the visual equivalent of poetry: dreamy, Escher-like drawings where morphing cozy scenes of children playing into dreamy, Escher-like drawings where acrobats evolve into bridges and curtains into city skylines. Gonsalves mergescozy indoor scenes with outside adventures, reality with fantasy, the expected with the unexpected.

Now, for all my friends with kids – who already have all of these – stay tuned for more recommendations. I’ll stay on the hunt for the hidden gems that you may not see displayed at the big box stores!

And in the meantime, do send me your favorites…